After Beni, even Alerini in Vlora quits living in a rented home and becomes with his own home

Even if you are still single, it's never a bad idea to invest in the home of your dreams. Alerini is a young man from Lezha, who for 6 years lives and works in Vlora.

His job as an IT and computer technician on the Vlorë-Brindisi boat, costs him a lot of sailing hours. As a new resident in the city of Vlora, he began to look for a rented home to live in the coastal city, and the lack of an alternative that met his criteria of a dream home, created a lot of stress and discomfort. The homes he watched, even those where he lived for certain periods, sometimes were located in peripheral areas, or other times the rent was high. Cutting it short, often the conditions of the house were not what Alerini wanted to have in his living environment. In the number of apartments he saw, the alternatives where he found himself comfortable to live, were only for sale which made Alerin think that the best choice for him was the purchase of an apartment even though the proceeds needed for it were not all able to Alerini at the moment.

  • • After years of renting houses, you decided to get a home loan. How were you informed about the loan offered by TIRANA BANK?
  • I was looking for a house to rent and I wanted to have the necessary space, the city view and a warm environment. The proper house was for sale only. I did not have all the money needed to purchase it so l had to negotiate for a loan. At that moment, Tirana Bank had an ad campaign where "Beni made the choice that I was thinking" (laughs), so I thought that this was the moment, and this the right choice.

  • • You also did inquires in other banks for the same product, home loans speaking? Why did you decide to trust Tirana Bank?
  • Like everyone, l did the accounting how much l earn and how much I lose to every alternative in the market. At Tirana Bank the service and the interest were the best in the banking market.

  • • Is the monthly installment affordable for your monthly income? How much did you pay earlier for the rent?
  • Earlier, I paid 20,000 ALL of monthly rent and for three years I lost 3.6 million ALL. Today, I pay an additional 3,000 ALL to that sum per month, but the house is mine and I'm completely satisfied with the terms I have and the monthly payment.

  • • What are the benefits of buying a home through a loan?
  • Earlier, the loans seemed tough, but I think that for anyone with average income, a safe job, and a clear vision, it is the right choice.
    Now I have a home, the comfort of which makes me smile after every tiring day.
    The TV, laptop and personal belongings are now arranged according to my taste.The walls do not have damp and my fiancée considers this our shelter of love. A home helps you plan your future on a safe basis.

  • • Do you think that you made the right decision or at some point did you have penance? Did you think it would be better to stay at a rented house?
  • I have my home, pay my rent, and live in my property. This is something that is impossible to repent. It was absolutely the right choice for my financial needs.

  • • What would you advise to young families looking for opportunities to buy an apartment?
  • Quit paying for rented houses, find a home you like and fit and buy it in monthly installments! This is a golden opportunity! Just think that you are losing your money every month without investing it for yourself and your family. Remember that planning starts from home, everyone's safe haven!