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Bulqiza Mine

The Bulqize region is the richest area with chromium reserves in Albania. The Chrome extracted in this is typically of high quality. The Mine of Bulqiza, owned by AlbChrome, has been operational for more than 65 years and is one of the largest mines in the country. The mine currently operates up to 800 meters underground. With more than 710 workers, the mine of Bulqiza currently operates in sixteen levels.

Currently in the mine of Bulqiza are extracted about 84’000 tons of chrome per year. An important investment in the mine is underway, with the aim to open a new shaft (shaft 9) that will go deeper giving access to new levels and new chrome reserves. The project, expected to finish in the next year, will not only increase yearly production to 100,000 tons but will also extend the lifecycle of the mine.

As part of the mine of Bulqiza is the mine section of Qafe Buall which is expected to be operational and have an output of more than 40,000 tons of chrome mineral per year.