NewCo Ferronikeli

NewCo Ferronikeli is a nickel production plant as well as potentially rich mineral deposits beneath the surrounding landscape. The nickel ore deposits Kosovo are of oxide laterite type. The NewCo Ferronikeli plant is a two line plant. It’s a significant strategic asset to Kosovo with great importance to the larger economy. NewCo Ferronikeli has achieved remarkable growth in Kosovo in the past several years and over one decade the company is consistently the biggest exporter in Kosovo equating to about 35-40% of total exports, which contributes greatly to the national budget of the country.

Aiming to prolong the life of the local mines, the company does sourcing of its raw materials from all over the world, mostly from Albania and Guatemala. Through these actions, the life of the Kosovo nickel mines can be extended from 10 to 15 years. NewCo Ferronikeli has invested a considerable amount for improvements on the production facilities and environment protection. With the installation of new filters in rotary kilns, the company fulfilled a long-term plan of commitments and actions to protect the environment not only in accordance with international standards but also beyond them. NewCo Ferronikeli as a certified company with ISO 9001:2015 standards regarding the quality control and with ISO 14001:2015 standards regarding the environment, succeeded to pass convincingly the auditing procedure without having any non-conformity.

NewCo Ferronikeli became part of Balfin Group in July 2018. Balfin plans to make additional investments in Newco Ferronikelli to be able to realize the full potential of the mining sectors in Albania and Kosovo and increase the production of nickel in from the current levels of 7200 MT per annum to over 10 000 MT.