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Tirana Logistic Park

Tirana Logistic Park is the biggest Logistic and Industrial park in Albania!

It consists in construction and leasing of 5 class A warehouses and industrial buildings of approximately 80 000sqm, planned in three separate construction phases. The first warehouse is already completed with 15300sqm (occupancy rate of 65%),accompanied by its respective infrastructure, numerous parking spaces, loading docks, qualitative property management, dedicated railway terminal, for loading-unloading boxcars ,Customs service platform, etc.

Apart from the perfect location, on the highway between Tirana and Durres, just 5km from capital center, 11km from the international airport of Rinas and 30km from the port of Durres, the businesses present have the possibility to get various logistic services inside it, like: Storage, Intralogistics, Inventory Management, Order Management, Local Distribution, Freight forwarding ,Value added services (packing, prepacking, processing, labeling, kitting),etc.. Tirana Logistic Park is quickly becoming an hub, which connects businesses throughout Albania and those of the region, especially from Kosovo and Macedonia! By allocating their business activities into Tirana Logistic Park premises, businesses reduce their operational costs and improve their customer service levels.